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About Dion Kurczek

Dion Kurczek’s fluid abstract paintings have been likened to “a melting Caravaggio”.  Dion works with colorful, blended inks to produce dramatic compositions that emphasize stark contrasts of lights against darks, and a proliferation of intricate details.


Dion’s path as an artist took a decisive turn in the early 2000’s, while he was admiring a red abstract painting at a local art walk in Chicago.  Among the many abstract paintings he saw in the walk, this particular one made an imprint in his mind.  He wondered, “what qualities make one abstract painting appealing, hooking the viewer into a lingering examination of the work, and another one mundane and forgettable?”  He decided to investigate this question, which led to a prolonged journey of self-study, coupled with personal instruction under successful abstract painters he admired, including Maxine Masterfield and Cody Hooper.


He soon gravitated toward acrylic inks, intrigued by the amazingly detailed forms they produced when blended together.  Mastering the inks was challenging, but over the years Dion has developed a number of techniques to capture the wonderful patterns that he helps orchestrate and coax from the mingling liquids.  More recently, Dion has introduced other components into his process, including epoxy resin, and silicone oil, in his continuing experimentation in this fascinating fluid medium.

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